Welcome to Your Wedding

There is a lot of careful thoughts and planning that goes into a wedding. It is really quite a production. Some couples plan it literally in just weeks whereas others can take up to a year or more. There are many decisions to make such as food, cake, dresses, attendants, and whether or not to use the expertise of a wedding planner. Oh and let’s not forget about the cost and the pre-marital counseling. Those are only the tip of the iceberg.

Women are usually all about the wedding. They think, pretend, and even dream about it as little girls. When they are young, they play dress-up. The shoes, the dress, make-up, and don’t forget all the accessories. Finding the dress, is probably one of the most significant parts to the whole shebang. It is really quite a search, and not to mention it is a fun adventure too. The girls all gather together for girls-day-out and many dresses are tried before that perfect one is found. But when you know, you just know. There is no explaining it. It is just like finding the groom. When you know you just know. Many decisions need to be made even before the complete dress is found. Will it be ivory, white, or some other unique color by request of the bride. Buttons, lace, roushing, plain, elaborate, train, and then the veil. That is a whole ‘nother story.

Then comes the cake. Another very important decision to make. Most couples love this part and even the groom partakes in this. After all it is free dessert! Also, will there be a groom’s cake? Taste testing is a very enjoyable part and can take some of the pressure off the other decisions. It relieves some stress as the cake melts in the husband and wife to-be mouths. What will the cake look like elaborate and gaudy or more simple and plain? Fondant or does that not interest you. People usually like or detest fondant. Will flowers be apart on decadent dessert? Expensive bakery or an equally exquisite grocery store bakery?

So these are only a few of the decisions that need to be determined. We look forward to delving deeper into these thoughts with you as you make these important choices to make your special day shine.